Lambo Boys – 17/3/19

After a brief break from the weekly Lambo Boys posts (due to recent weather conditions and the ever irritating ‘coming out of winter’ illnesses) the boys are back! Adopting the St Patrick’s Day spirit, the boys sprang back into action this weekend! This week, the ‘real’ Phil Collins (and no, not the ex-Genesis drummer, turned … Continue reading Lambo Boys – 17/3/19

Lambo Boys 17/2/19

Here we are again for another ‘Lambo Boys’ blog post now that the bad weather has subsided, and the boys are able to play! Along with this, I am pleased to report that the Halfway House is back up and running! I wonder if they’d ever consider deliveries… would love a bacon sandwich whilst composing … Continue reading Lambo Boys 17/2/19