The Weird and Wonderful World of the 21st Century

Ok, here goes. I feel that the time has come for me to step outside of the regular instalments of the ‘Lambo Boys’ posts to something a bit more journalistic and opinion-based.

As much as I love writing about the club and its members, it’s time to write about something I initially mentioned in my introduction post – The Weird and Wonderful World of the 21st Century.

I endeavour to make this blog post as interesting and as thought-provoking as possible.

And yes, I am (of course!) accompanied by a cup of tea as I bring you my views on the weird and wonderful elements of our society!

Now, as a Journalist student, this first point is something that baffles me.

Face to face communication.

What is going on there?! I can’t put my finger on it, since when did it all become so hard? As my beloved parents would say, “back in my day…” this wouldn’t be as much of an issue as it is in modern times.

Nowadays, people are fraught with fear at the principle of talking to another human being. Now, I’m not talking about the struggles of social anxiety, as I understand that’s a sensitive problem, I’m focusing on passing somebody you know. Why do we think “oh gosh, it’s them, shall I say hi, shall I wave, is that too much? Shall I smile?”

I mean the questions are exhausting. In a world where we are alive for just the blink of an eye, just say “hello”!

I guess the same issue arises with the rather teenage issue of crushes.

What a drama!

If you like someone, message them. Simple.

Life, unfortunately, is not a Disney film. However great singing your way through life may sound, Prince Charming isn’t going to return your lost Converse shoes, let alone marry you!

Society is brilliant, don’t get me wrong, and by no means am I suggesting that we all have to be in relationships, because life is full of opportunities and experiences to be shared with a number of people. However, I wish simply saying “hello” to somebody wouldn’t be as challenging as figuring out how to phrase this post!

I’m a great believer in the cliché phrase “you only live once”. Why? Because it’s TRUE!

Along with this, is the matter of small talk. Since the introduction of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat etc. many find it hard to engage in small talk because the majority of our communication is done online. I cannot remember every time I’ve asked somebody how they are and get a blunt, single-word response: “fine”.

Where have the days of full, engaging conversation gone?!

No wonder people question why I talk to myself a lot!

The other day, I found I was talking to myself about how we don’t notice when we blink. How random is that?!

The point is, communication skills are decaying. Quite daunting when you consider that there are 7.6 billion people on Planet Earth…

Another ‘weird’ fact that baffles me is trends.

These have become such a prominent part of the online world of the 21st Century, especially social media. Trends seem to determine how ‘cool’ or ‘popular’ someone is. I remember when I was younger the ‘in thing’ was loom bands.

How strange is that?!

We used to sit there with our school pasta pots at lunchtime comparing small, multi-coloured rubber bands, seeing how we’d constructed different patterns or incorporated multiple designs.

Those were the days!

But, nowadays, trends have turned sinister.

The most prominent example being the ‘Momo Challenge’. For those of you who aren’t aware, this is a suicide game that encourages young children to hurt themselves. It originated on WhatsApp but has also appeared on YouTube.

The challenge has parents worried across the country, as children are encouraged to keep ‘Momo’ a secret.

A cruel ‘trend’ that I find absolutely appalling.

Especially since it made headlines again. On February 28, the BBC released an article, entitled “Momo challenge: ‘Freaky game’ described as hoax”.

A hoax?!


I can’t quite believe that a cruel challenge that encourages vulnerable children to hurt themselves has been branded a “hoax”.

I suppose the way in which you interpret this is down to personal opinion, but I simply don’t see how a cruel challenge which installs fear into our younger generation (and has had tragic consequences) can be called a “hoax”.

Life is not something to be feared! It is a reality to be experienced and cherished.

Which brings me nicely onto the wonderful elements of our society.

Let’s start with the people we meet. I want you to take this moment to think about the people you’ve met in your life. There must be hundreds, right?

For me, I can’t quite describe the love I have for the people I’ve met. My family, my university flatmates, coursemates, lecturers, teachers. I mean, the list goes on!

The people you meet in your life impact you in one way or another.

For example, my old English teacher inspired me to take up Journalism at University level. My family constantly remind me “you can do it”! My flatmates keep me sane with their endless support and ability to make me laugh on the toughest days.

I think one of the wonderful elements of this is the variation of people we meet. Even the ones we may not see eye-to-eye with. And, you know what? That’s ok because we are all individual people!

I know this doesn’t exactly mean a whole lot coming from a Journalist student with a tea-addiction, but if there’s one thing I’d love to pass on from my ramblings, it’s this:

Life is too short to be anything other than yourself, so follow your dreams.

If anything, I hope this blog post has encouraged you to take a trip down memory lane and given you an insight into my views of this rather weird and wonderful society.

But most of all, I hope you have enjoyed reading my thoughts and opinions as much as I have enjoyed writing them!

The regular ‘Lambo Boys’ blog post will be back next week.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this!

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